Frequently Asked Questions: Online Registration Issues

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I can't register. How can I get help?

We will be happy to assist you with your registration, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Please call us at 604.822.1420, or send us an email using the Contact Us form. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm PT.

How do I report registration problems to UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies?

To report the details of the registration problems to UBC Sauder, please use this web form. We appreciate your time in letting us know.

I have the right prerequisite(s). Why can't I register?

If you can't register despite having the right course prerequisites, please refer to these instructions:

  1. Ensure your cookies are enabled and you're not browsing in Private/Incognito mode.
  2. Ensure the system is recognizing your login.

For more details, consult the answers below. If you continue to experience registration problems, please contact us.

How can I tell if I'm browsing using Private/Incognito mode?

This is how Private/Incognito modes appear in browsers:

Mozilla Firefox: Incognito mask appears
Mozilla Private Browsing Mode

Internet Explorer: InPrivate icon appears
Internet Explorer InPrivate window

Google Chrome: Mask icon appears and browser header turns dark colour
Chrome Incognito mode

Safari: Private icon appears or the website address field turns dark grey (depending on device and browser version)
Safari Private Browsing 1
Safari Private Browsing 2

Microsoft Edge: InPrivate icon appears
Edge Private browser

My browser is in Private/Incognito mode. How do I turn it off?

Typically, closing the browser and opening a new one will create a new window without the Private/Incognito mode. However, on some devices such as iPhones, there is an extra button (sometimes referred to as PRIVATE or a similar label) that you'll need to click to off before opening the new window. For more information, consult the instructions for your specific browser/device, or contact your device carrier/manufacturer.

My cookies aren't enabled for registration. How do I re-enable my cookies in Settings?

As a security-conscious internet user, you may have chosen to manually disable your web browser from accepting cookies. However, the UBC Continuing Studies website requires cookies to function properly, so please re-enable Cookies in your browser's settings. You may need to restart your browser.

Cookies can also be enabled/disabled in the device browser app's Privacy settings. Generally, you can find this under your device's Settings. Choose the browser app (i.e. Chrome, Safari, etc.), then choose "Do Not Track" (or a similar label) under Privacy & Security. "Do Not Track" needs to be disabled in order for the UBC Continuing Studies website to function properly.

Depending on the device and browser, there may also be an additional setting to block cookies specifically. Please check with your device carrier/manufacture for specific details.

Cookies may also be blocked if you're browsing in Private or Incognito mode. If you?re not sure if your browser is in this mode or not, please refer to How can I tell if I?m browsing using Private/Incognito mode?

I've logged in already, but the system doesn't recognize my login. What's happening?

If you are signed in to the UBC Sauder website, you will see at the top right of the page "Hi, your first name." If you have already signed in, but you don?t see your name at the top right, this means your login is not being recognized properly. If this is the case, please sign out and then sign back in.

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