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Maximize Value Delivered to Business and Customers

Product management is one of the fastest growing professions, with a focus on both building the right product and building the product right. Building the right product requires a keen eye and expertise in product discovery and strategy, whereas building the product right relies on management excellence in product development and product launch. From thereon, a product manager continues to improve the value the product provides, by iterating and growing the product. Taking a product management approach enables organizations to unearth new market opportunities, set strategic goals and deliver product capabilities that customers need and want, before their competitors and their customers even know they need them.

Who Should Attend?

Designed for early- to mid-career professionals currently working in business analysis, software engineering or designer UX roles or those that are working in associate/assistant product management/project management roles looking for a career advancement into product management.

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❝As someone with a background in business analysis and software development, I found the content was great at connecting to what you already know so you can start developing a product perspective in your work.
Eunice MacCharles
Product Manager, Technical Safety BC

Program Benefits

  • Explore product management ways of working and the product lifecycle
  • Describe the role and responsibilities of a product manager, how it is different from other product related roles and how they work together
  •  Examine how to deliver value at every stage of a product's lifespan 
  • Apply techniques on how to listen to and communicate with customers, to truly understand their needs
  • Utilize various tools and techniques used to design, develop, test, manage and improve products
  • Develop a go to market strategy
  • Identify Product-Market Fit
  • Assess the value of metrics and measuring for success
  • Explore how to collaborate with cross functional stakeholders

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