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Alumni Professional Development Scholarship

The Alumni Professional Development Scholarships are worth between $400 to $1400 in program-fee credit applied towards the certificate programs in Project Management Bootcamp, the Change Management Bootcamp, Leading Professional Teams Bootcamp or the Agile Leadership Bootcamp.

The scholarship program-fee credit amount awarded is determined by your alumni group as follows:

  • Continuing Business Studies: eligible for $800 or $1400, depending on the program
  • Sauder Alumni: eligible for $600 or $1050, depending on the program
  • UBC Alumni: eligible for $400 or $700, depending on the program

The scholarship is based on educational achievements, academic excellence and community/volunteer involvement. Applicants must have a minimum grade average of 75 or GPA of 3.2 or greater, throughout your program to apply.

Application Instructions

Complete and submit the application form prior to the deadline:

Certificate Program Start Date Application Deadline
Change Management Bootcamp August 26, 2022 July 31, 2022
Agile Leadership Bootcamp September 12, 2022 August 31, 2022
Project Management Bootcamp September 7, 2022 August 26, 2022
Leading Professional Teams Bootcamp September 21, 202 August 31, 2022


The following information is required:

  • Personal and employment information
  • Which alumni group scholarship you are applying to, what program(s) you completed and your program grade average.

Brief descriptions of:

    a. Community/Volunteer Involvement

    b. How the program will help your career


= required information

Personal Information

Home Address


Please indicate which alumni scholarship group applies to you. Note: If you are both a UBC graduate and a Continuing Business Studies (CBS) graduate select which alumni scholarship you would like to apply to, (i.e. If you are a UBC Bachelor of Arts graduate and a Continuing Business Studies Certificate in Business Analysis graduate you can apply for either but not both and the CBS one would be a greater program-fee credit value).
Name of the program you completed from the selected alumni group
Name of any other UBC program(s) completed if (applicable):

Community/Volunteer Involvement


  1. Due to a limited number of bursaries available, only successful applicants will be contacted.
  2. The information provided in this application is true and portrays an accurate description of my volunteer activities, education and employment history. I do acknowledge that if any or all information provided in this application is found to be untrue, the application review committee will disregard all documents submitted.