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Agile Project Management

Agile Leadership; Project Management

Effective Project Managers need the tools to lead agile projects in the face of emergent, volatile, or shifting requirements.

Date Format Fee
Feb 28, 2024 Online $1,250
Apr 17, 2024 Online $1,250
May 22, 2024 Online $1,250

Applied Project Management

Project Management

Take on the challenge of a project that needs professional help! Built around a case study, this course places you in the role of a newly hired Project Manager who has been brought in to rescue a project that is already in trouble.

Date Format Fee
May 22, 2024 Online $1,995
Jun 26, 2024 Online $1,995

Business Analysis Planning and Project Management

Business Analysis; Project Management

Rapid changing environment demands organizations pivot business strategies and processes to be competitive.

Date Format Fee
Mar 05, 2024 Online $1,250
May 07, 2024 Online $1,250
Sep 10, 2024 Online $1,250

Business Intelligence with Power BI

Data & Marketing Analytics; Project Management

Connect to a variety of data sources, shape and transform data into meaningful information, and create rich, interactive reports to bring your data to life. Utilize skills you have developed in Excel to manage the transition to Power BI with ease and confidence. Discover the power of the tool to present data and impress your stakeholders.

Date Format Fee
May 01, 2024 Live Online $995

Career Planning

Business Analysis; Project Management; Change Management

Sharpen your career planning and preparation skills to secure or enhance your future employment.

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Mar 01, 2024 Live Online $259

Leading from the Middle

Leading Professional Teams; Project Management

Project Managers not only focus on managing projects but also on ‘leading from the middle’. Based on original research carried out by our project management instructional faculty, this course examines how leaders think, how they interact with their teams and how they navigate projects forward and solidify buy-in to build momentum.

Date Format Fee
Mar 06, 2024 Online $1,250
Apr 17, 2024 Online $1,250
Jun 05, 2024 Online $1,250

Leading Professional Teams Bootcamp

Leading Professional Teams; Project Management

Professionally, the ability to lead teams is one of the most valuable skills you can bring to the table.

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Course currently not available for registration.

PMP Certification Exam Prep

PMP; Project Management

Led by our expert instructor, our 35-hour Live Online course provides a structured review of the key project domains and required knowledge to pass the rigorous PMP certification exam.

Date Format Fee
Mar 05, 2024 Live Online $2,185
May 14, 2024 Live Online $2,185

Build competencies in project management and complete 3 of the 5 required courses in the UBC Certificate in Project Management program within one term:

Date Format Fee
Sep 06, 2023 Online $3,750
Jan 03, 2024 Online $3,750

Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management

Organizations large and small and in every industry recognize that well planned, well-managed projects solve problems and delivers value.

Date Format Fee
Apr 03, 2024 Online $1,250
May 08, 2024 Online $1,250
Jun 26, 2024 Online $1,250

Structured Project Management

Project Management

Gain insight into the project management processes that forms the backbone of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) recommended practices.

Date Format Fee
Mar 13, 2024 Online $1,250
May 01, 2024 Online $1,250
Jun 12, 2024 Online $1,250