Business Analysis

Champion innovation and lead change.

Globalization, retail decimation, the mainstreaming of AI - today’s organizations find themselves negotiating change on an almost constant basis. Yet, whether pro-active or re-active, the manner in which any kind of change response is implemented is pivotal to the final outcome.

Professional business analysts are sought after today for their ability to enable organizational change. Learn to identify issues in your organization, define problems, recommend a course of action and contribute to the bottom you undertake the UBC Certificate in Business Analysis. Grounded in industry best practices, taught by experienced instructors and founded upon industry standards set by the International Institute of Business AnalysisTM(IIBA®), this comprehensive program builds business analysis proficiency while meeting the professional development requirements of the IIBA certification process.

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Business Analysis Certificate

UBC Certificate Program
The award-winning UBC Certificate in Business Analysis is a part-time, 100% online program aligned with the International Institute of Business Analysis ™ . Experience in business analysis is not required. LEARN MORE