Social Media and Content Marketing

How do you develop a content marketing strategy that effectively engages and converts increasingly skeptical prospects into loyal customers? In a noisy, crowded era of overflowing inboxes, pop-up ads and social media overload, a robust content marketing plan is more than just a competitive differentiator – it can make the difference between marketing success and failure. Learn how to develop a content development pipeline, research viable content topics for your brand, promote content through social media channels, and track the progress/results of your content marketing strategy. Finally, learn how to leverage your content while keeping creativity alive, and when to curate content for influencer relationship building.

Note: Social Media Foundatons (ID200) or equivalent experience is recommended.

This course can be applied to the UBC Award of Achievement in Social Media.

Course Format

The course is offered in 2 formats: in-class and 100% online. However not every format will be offered each term.

In-class: Our in-class courses are designed to be engaging seminars where both instructor and students are encouraged to participate and interact in dialogue, discussions, and class presentations. Courses are offered throughout the year, approximately four weeks in length, and involve attending seminar sessions on-site at UBC Robson Square, downtown Vancouver.

Online: Our online courses are structured to provide a positive learning environment for participants to engage in and interact with the content and class discussions. In an online course, additional time for individual study and reading is required to review the course material for assignments. Tutors facilitate throughout the course and are available to provide feedback via email and through discussion forums. Courses are delivered online over approximately six weeks and involve an average of six to ten hours of study per week.

Prior to 4pm PST on the start date of the course, an email will be sent to all registered students containing instructions on how to access the online Learning Management System.

Available Sessions

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Oct 31-Dec 12, 2018 | Online | $695.00

Format: Online
Code: ID228F18M
Oct 31-Dec 12, 2018

1nstructor: Rachel Segal

Fees / Tuition

Type Fee Tax Total
$695.00 $0.00 $695.00

Nov 15-Dec 6, 2018 | Thu | 6:00pm-9:00pm | UBC Robson Square | $525.00

Format: In-Class
Code: ID228F18A
Offered: On Thu
Nov 15-Dec 6, 2018
4 sessions
From: 6:00pm-9:00pm

1nstructor: Graham Williams

Fees / Tuition

Type Fee Tax Total
$525.00 $0.00 $525.00

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