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Take your Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) exam with confidence The CFA® Level I Exam Bootcamp offers a final intensive review of key CFA® exam concepts, receiving feedback exam-writing tactics from an experienced instructor.

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Nov 05, 2022 Live Online $495

Prepare for Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) exam success with UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies in the CFA® Level II Exam Bootcamp which provides a final intensive review with an experienced instructor.

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Nov 12, 2022 Live Online $495

Is your organization equipped to manage change? Our course is designed to help you manage change effectively with a practical approach to assessing the current state, readiness, and impact of change on your organization and stakeholders.

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Oct 18, 2022 Live Online $995
Feb 17, 2023 Live Online $995
Apr 28, 2023 Live Online $995

Change Management Fundamentals

Business Analysis; Change Management

An organization’s success depends on its ability to foresee the need to change course or respond quickly to unexpected situations.

Date Format Fee
Nov 01, 2022 Online $995
Jan 13, 2023 Live Online $995
Feb 07, 2023 Online $995
Mar 10, 2023 Live Online $995

Successful change management initiatives are driven by a well thought out strategy that is effectively implemented.

Date Format Fee
Nov 21, 2022 Live Online $995
Mar 24, 2023 Live Online $995

Explore from a strategic perspective, ways to strengthen an organization’s day to day culture for long term adaptability to planned or unplanned events.

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Nov 18, 2022 Live Online $995
Apr 21, 2023 Live Online $995

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Nov 01, 2022 Online $1

Customer Analytics

Data & Marketing Analytics

Understanding customer buying habits and lifestyle preferences help organizations make effective and profitable decisions.

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Oct 04, 2022 Live Online $995
Mar 13, 2023 Live Online $995

Data and Marketing Analytics Fundamentals

Data & Marketing Analytics

Data-driven decision making is key to an organization’s success.

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Nov 21, 2022 Live Online $995
Feb 06, 2023 Live Online $995

Data Visualization and Storytelling

Data & Marketing Analytics

Today’s organizations have access to a sea of data across a wide variety of channels and activities. However, communicating critical take-aways to stakeholders and creating actionable insights and decisions is becoming increasingly difficult.

Date Format Fee
Nov 01, 2022 Live Online $995
Apr 17, 2023 Live Online $995

Gain insight into how the new discipline of Behavioural Insights uses principles from the Behavioural and Decision Sciences (including Psychology and Economics) to help people make decisions that promote health, wellness, and happiness.

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Nov 21, 2022 Live Online $995
Apr 17, 2023 Live Online $995

Led by top-calibre instructors, our 5-week, 30-hour GMAT course thoroughly covers all sections of the GMAT test, teaching the most effective approaches and strategies to master the question types, and prepare you for the computer-adaptive test (CAT) to elevate your performance. Course fee includes a custom workbook, access to 1000+ real sample test questions, 6 full-length tests with detailed answers, 2 GMAT Official Guide textbooks and exclusive online resources.

Date Format Fee
Nov 03, 2022 Live Online $1,125
Jan 10, 2023 Live Online $1,125
Mar 28, 2023 Live Online $1,125
May 09, 2023 Live Online $1,125
Jun 27, 2023 Live Online $1,125

Mastering the GRE is critical to your admission to graduate school. Success in writing the GRE is not about how long you study it’s about studying what counts.

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Feb 20, 2023 Live Online $960
Jun 05, 2023 Live Online $960

Leading from the Middle

Project Management

Project Managers not only focus on managing projects but also on ‘leading from the middle’. Based on original research carried out by our project management instructional faculty, this course examines how leaders think, how they interact with their teams and how they navigate projects forward and solidify buy-in to build momentum.

Date Format Fee
Nov 02, 2022 Online $1,250
Jan 04, 2023 Online $1,250
Mar 01, 2023 Online $1,250
Apr 12, 2023 Online $1,250
Jul 05, 2023 Online $1,250

Leading Professional Teams Bootcamp

Leading Professional Teams; Project Management

Professionally, the ability to lead teams is one of the most valuable skills you can bring to the table.

Date Format Fee
Mar 22, 2023 Blended $3,980