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Change Management: Fostering Culture and Capability

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Explore from a strategic perspective, ways to strengthen an organization’s day to day culture for long term adaptability to planned or unplanned events. Discover how to achieve ongoing success using different types of organizational infrastructures and change models to lower systemic barriers and enablers that inhibit change.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Characterize common barriers to change and ways to overcome resistance.
    • Identify ways to build a culture of change within an organization.
    • Describe the concept of Emotional Intelligence, how it pertains to organizational culture change management and how it can positively impact change projects.
    • Identify the various levels of change maturity an organization can go through.
    • Interpret what change competency is and how to build it.
    • Identify the types of infrastructure an organization can put in place in support of change management.
    • Explore various change management models that organizations can adopt to enhance corporate culture.



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