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UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies has several scholarship opportunities for new or current students. You may be eligible for a $500 - $1250 scholarship, in course-fee credit. Read more for details and eligibility.

Change Management

Associate Certificate Program


Build change solutions that deliver meaningful and sustainable results.

With a focus on the people side of business, Change Management delivers the tools and competencies required to build solutions that are practical in nature, while providing meaningful and sustained results. Using industry applied techniques and approaches that champion a holistic approach to organizational change, this program is designed for working professionals who are currently involved in change initiatives or who are looking to advance their career in this field.    

This program is aligned with the ACMP Standard for Change Management®. UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies is a QEP™ (Qualified Education Provider) with the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®).

UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies has been pre-approved to offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours by the Chartered Professional in Human Resources BC & Yukon.

Why Choose the UBC Sauder Change Management program?

  • Aligned with the ACMP Standard for Change Management® and pre-approved to offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours by the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) BC & Yukon.
  • Applying a unique focus on the  people side of organizational change.
  • Using industry applied techniques and approaches that champion a holistic approach to organizational change.
  • Covering advanced topics in implementing and evaluating change, business architecture, culture adoption and organizational capability.
  • Taught by Vancouver’s leading change professionals.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for change practitioners looking to build upon existing competencies, and for professionals looking to add change management skills to enhance their skillset working in areas such as Business Analysis, Project Management, Human Resources, Communications, Information Technology and Operations. This program will benefit individuals in small to large organizations where change is having a significant effect on the way they work or is a principle driver of their key responsibilities. As more people have transitioned to working from home this program provides a great platform to both learn online while preparing you for the future of work and a career in change management.

“To be honest, I was originally pretty skeptical that I would get so much out of the all-day virtual sessions, and I was pleasantly surprised. The regular breakout groups provided an engaging and collaborative experience.” Jesse, Change Management Program Student. Click here for more graduate testimonials.

Apply your learning to: 

  • Understand the change process and how to apply it.
  • Describe key change management models and when best to use them (i.e. ADKAR, Kotter, McKinsey, Lewin, etc.)
  • Define Change Management roles and responsibilities and how they work with Business Analysts, Project Managers, Operations Managers or Functional Managers.
  • Produce standard change management deliverables and activities for projects (tools and techniques).
  • Communicate and educate on the value of change management in achieving intended business outcomes (benefits realization).
  • Assess the change, organizational readiness and develop an effective change management strategy.
  • Create a compelling business case for the required time, money and resources necessary for investment in a successful change (ROI).
  • Identify and address resistance, design solutions to minimize disruption and increase the adoption of the change (stakeholder analysis).
  • Build capacity for change.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the change management plan.
  • Monitor and evaluate the change and demonstrate how this contributes to the success of the project.
  • Execute a change plan to transition to future state.
  • Pursue the ACMP® Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP®) designation.


Blended or Online Virtual


Four courses that can be completed within four to six months.

Each of the required courses are taught over three weeks with two to three in-class/virtual sessions (weekdays or Satudays) for a total of 14 hours per course. Elective courses are offered either as a three-week blended or over two-three days (in-class/virtual).

All courses must be completed within two years.


Courses are offered throughout the year.

Tuition & Fees

Program Declaration Form

Total Tuition: $3,980-$4,585 depending on elective chosen.

*Tuition is based on the total cost of individual course fees, which range from $995 to $1,600.

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Comprised of three required courses and one elective, the program is designed to provide students with a rich learning experience. Theory and practice are integrated through opportunities for teamwork, discussion, case studies, applied projects and networking.

See List of Courses

Strategically designed by a team of industry and academics experts, the program focuses on developing knowledge, skills and abilities in industry applied techniques and approaches for organizational change projects or initiatives. Students acquire skills to be an effective change practitioner, create a culture for sustaining change and enhance the success of change initiatives.

Canada BC Job Training Grant

Employers can apply for up to $5,000 per participant available each fiscal. Click here for the most up-to-date information on how to apply.

Regular Program Required Courses

The following sequence is recommended:

Spring / Summer2021

Choose one course from the list of elective courses to complete the program.

Spring / Summer2021

Program curriculum may be subject to change.

Change Management Fundamentals is a foundation course, and must be taken first, before taking any of the other Change Management courses.

Course 1 to 3 are required courses, and must be taken in this order. You may take Course 4 once you have completed Change Management Fundamentals.

Delivery Format HOW IT WORKS
In Class or Blended Learn in-person with your instructor and classmates at scheduled class times.
Online Virtual Learn in an online classroom. Attend scheduled virtual sessions with your instructor and classmates. Fixed start and end dates with access to online curriculum and possibly an online tutor.
Online (100% Online) Learn in an online classroom. Fixed start and end dates with the flexibility to collaborate with your classmates. Optional live virtual sessions and access to an online instructor. 

The program is taught and facilitated by experienced, industry practitioners who are experts in Change Management, as well as Agile Leadership and Business Architecture.

Roger Burlton

Roger Burlton

P. Eng., CMC

Roger is the President of Process Renewal Group. He is the author of the pioneering book ‘Business Process Management: Profiting from Process’ and the ‘Business Process Manifesto’, now available in 14 languages. Recently he developed the Business Agility Manifesto in collaboration with John Zachman and Ron Ross. Roger developed and delivered the first Business Process and Business Process Architecture management education in the world in 1991, certified today by universities in North America, Europe, Australia and South America. He is recognized as a pragmatic world leader in transforming companies from traditional hierarchical organizations to process managed ones based on a value delivery model supported by Business Architecture practices. He has led numerous initiatives to implement new business models, governance frameworks and process management capabilities for global corporations and government agencies.

Jennifer Coleman

Jennifer Coleman

BS, Prosci Certified, Certified Erickson Coach, RYT® 200

Jennifer is an experienced Facilitator, Change & Employee Engagement Expert in SAP’s HR Talent, Leadership & Learning Center of Excellence.  She creates opportunities for employees to explore how they can show up as their best selves to lead within SAP.  In addition to being a Search Inside Yourself® SAP trainer and Global Mindfulness Ambassador, she is also trained as a Design Thinking (DT) coach.  Her organized approach to work supports structure in people engagement and facilitation activities, while her passion to help others allows for flexibility to truly meet the needs of her customers. Jennifer is passionate about humanizing the work we do through empathy, dialogue, connection and continuous knowledge sharing.

Leslie Fast

Leslie Fast


Leslie is a regarded consultant who has been helping clients for over 15 years with business transformation, change management and organizational development. With experience in a wide-variety of industries and companies, Leslie is adept at creating and executing change management strategies, plans and tactics that achieve results. She is a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) and a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR).

Valerie Johnson

Valerie Johnson

BA, MBA, CCMP, Prosci Certified

Valerie Johnson specializes in Strategic Change Management. She brings consulting experience and knowledge from over twenty five years of change management, leadership development, team effectiveness consulting and IT project work across multiple business sectors including energy, utility, telecommunication, government, higher education and financial services. She has led many large, complex change initiatives and provided the benefits of a structured change management approach. Her success in this area stems from building strong relationships and trust with the business leaders and all levels of employee going through the change.

Lukas Klose

Lukas Klose


Lukas has been working in project delivery for over 20 years. Initially a software engineer in the financial, educational and retail sectors, he became a consultant, program manager, and director for various companies including Electronic Arts. It was at Electronic Arts he oversaw the transition of the web publishing department to agile. Impressed with the results of this transition he set out to help other companies reap the benefits of agile, joining agile42 in 2016 as a coach and trainer.

Heather Lehmann

Heather Lehmann

BSc, MBA, Prosci Certified, Certified Professional Coach

Heather is President of Heather Lehmann & Associates. She is a respected organization development consultant and executive coach with over twenty-five years of leadership and consulting experience. Heather has vast cross-sector experience in organization development and has consulted at an executive level for a wide range of prominent public and private sector organizations such as BC Hydro, the City of Vancouver, ICBC, Kal Tire, LifeLabs, Spectra Energy and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

Advisory Committee:

  • Marianne Boyles, Change Management Specialist, UBC
  • Deirdre Brown, SASI Senior Change Management Specialist, UBC
  • Dale Carr, Consulting Business Analyst, Rocky Mountaineer, Methanex and QuadReal
  • Erin Creak, Senior Change Management Advisor - Planning, Forcasting & Risk, BC Hydro
  • Kira Daley, Change Management Advisor, BC Hydro
  • Leslie Fast, Senior Business Consultant, Leslie Fast & Associates Inc.
  • Kelli Fitzmaurice, Independent Consultant, UBC
  • Alicia Girard, Change Analyst, LuluLemon
  • Valerie Johnson, Consultant, InStructure Consulting Inc.
  • Lisa Kempton, Senior Development Partner, Prosci
  • Felicia Lam, Operational Excellence Manager – Change & Transformation, LuluLemon
  • Heather Lehmann, President, Heather Lehmann & Associates
  • Eunice MacCharles, Senior Business Analyst, BCAA
  • Sally McKenzie, President, R & S McKenzie Inc.
  • Grace McKeowen, Principal Consultant, Komon Consulting
  • Jim Tucker, Project Manager, UBC
  • Daniel Watt, Senior Manager, Enterprise Change Management, BC Hydro

The Change Management program is designed for change practitioners looking to build upon existing competencies, and for professionals looking to add change management skills to enhance their change practices and capabilities working in areas such as Business Analysis, Project Management, Human Resources, Communications, Information Technology and Operations.  

It is strongly recommended that students be fluent in written and spoken business English.

Please read the student handbook.

How to Register

Registration is done on a course-by-course basis.

Create an account and login to register for specific courses at any time. Visa or MasterCard accepted.

How to Declare your Candidacy

The UBC Associate Certificate in Change Management consists of three required courses and one elective course. Before or after taking your first course, you are required to submit a program declaration form.

What is needed to Graduate

To be granted the UBC Associate Certificate in Change Management, you must successfully complete three required courses and one elective course, achieving a minimum of 60% in each course and a “pass” standing on portions of the program that are graded “pass/fail”.  All course work must be completed within two years.

Once you have completed and passed the four courses, submit the Graduation Request form to receive your Associate Certificate.


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Registration and Fees

Online Course Registration

Register online via our secure server using your Visa or MasterCard. You need to create a profile in our system before we can process your online course registration.

Sign In to your account or create a new account.

Once signed in, your name will appear near the top right of your screen.

Add items to your shopping cart and follow the instructions to complete your purchase.

Contact us if you have any problems registering online.

What payment options do I have to pay for a course?

All course fees are payable in Canadian dollars. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Will I have to pay tax on my course fees?

Fees made payable to UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies are not subject to tax if they are for courses that are part of a certificate or associate certificate program.

Is it possible to take Change Management courses without enrolling in the program?

Yes, you are free to register in the courses you are interested in.

When do I have to decide if I want to pursue the Associate Certificate in Change Management?

You can decide before or after completing your first course. To enroll, you need to submit a program declaration.

Please read the Student Handbook prior to submitting the Program Declaration.

Will I be required to purchase textbooks and/or other materials?

There may be textbooks or additional materials required for the Change Management program courses.

Can I get a credit towards the certificate for courses I’ve already taken?

You are eligible to receive credit for applicable UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies courses taken within the last two years.

Is there a fee differential for international students?

No, all students pay the same fees.

How do I get a T2202A tax receipt?

Many courses and programs offered by UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies qualify for non-refundable tax credits and education expense amounts. If the courses or programs you were enrolled in are eligible, you will receive an email notification in February outlining how to obtain your T2202A Tuition, Education and Textbook tax certificate. A T2202A can be used as an official statement for income tax purposes.

I'm a UBC employee. How can I access UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies courses?

Most UBC employee groups are eligible for tuition fee waivers that reimburse or offset the cost of most courses. Please visit the UBC Finance Tuition Fee Benefit website for information on eligibility and instructions on how to use your tuition fee benefit. Since tuition fee benefits for UBC faculty and staff may differ depending on your employee group, please visit the UBC Human Resources Benefits website for information on your eligibility. Do not register for a course prior to submitting your tuition waiver.

If your department or faculty is funding the course, please submit an authorized journal voucher (JV) along with your registration to UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies.

Program Completion and Graduation

What do I receive when I complete the certificate or associate certificate program?

Upon successful completion of the program, participants are awarded a UBC Associate Certificate in Change Management signed by the President of UBC and the Dean of the UBC Sauder School of Business. Once you have submitted your graduation request form, the certificate will be sent by mail along with an official transcript. Please note that the process can take up to three months.

When do I have to decide if I want to complete the Associate Certificate in Change Management?

Your program declaration form must be submitted by the time you have completed the IB810 - Fundamentals of Change Management.

What is required to graduate from the Change Management program?

To earn the UBC Associate Certificate in Change Management, you must successfully complete the three required courses and one elective course within two years with a minimum grade of 60% on each course, and a “pass” on portions of the program that are graded “pass/fail”.

Does completion of a UBC certificate program qualify for academic credits towards a diploma or degree program?

Completion of non-credit certificate programs cannot be applied towards a UBC degree or credit diploma at this time. However prior learning assessment policies vary by institution, so it is worth looking into this for any institution you are considering.

How are participants assessed in the program?

Individual assessment is based on assignments, case scenarios, class activities and participation. 

Scheduling, Duration and Workload

When can I start the online portion of the course?

Each online course has a specific start and end date. Prior to 4 pm on the day your online course starts, we will send you an email message providing you with an access link, as well as a username and password to login to the course.

Am I required to be online at specific times?

For the most part, you are in control of your schedule as the online content can be accessed at any time. For courses with assignments and projects, you will receive advance notice of due dates so you can plan accordingly. Some courses have specific online components that require you to login at particular times

How many hours a week do I need to set aside for in-class course work and independent study?

Students should expect to study six to ten hours a week.

Will I be required to do assignments outside of the classroom for this program?

Yes, there will be assignments due during the three-week online portion change management specific courses and some in-class work for the elective courses.

If I can’t make it to class one day, can I sit in on the next course to make up the time?

No, unfortunately, we do not allow for auditing or sitting in on other offerings other than the one you register for.  . 

Blended Learning Format

What is the blended format schedule?

The blended format is normally offered over three-weeks with two to three in-class sessions scheduled on the first/second and last week of the course. For the online portion of your course, we will provide you with an access link on the day your course starts.

How will I communicate with Online Educators?

Depending on the course, you may communicate by email, online discussion or chat sessions, as well as occasional phone calls.

Are there opportunities to collaborate with other students in the blended course outside of the in-class sessions?

Yes, the courses provide opportunities for group discussion and team projects.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is the learning management platform used to support the online component of the Change Management program. It provides information on orientation, schedules, grades, and instructor contact details, as well as the course curriculum and learning resources.

Will I have an instructor or resource person to support me during the online portion of the courses?

Yes. Depending on the course you are taking, they could be referred to as online instructors, online tutors, online facilitators, instructional assistants or mentors. Whatever their title, they are experienced online education professionals who will connect with you through email, online discussions, assignments and projects to make sure you get the most out of your online learning experience.


Are there any accommodations for people with medical conditions or disabilities?

Please contact us well in advance of the program for assistance in the event of either of these circumstances.

Where can I get parking or transit information?

Parking and transit information is available on our website.

Who can I contact if I still have questions about the Change Management program?

If you are unable to find the information you need on the website, please contact us by phone at 604-822-1420 or online.

Professional Designations and Certificates

UBC Associate Certificate vs CCMP Certification

What is the difference between the certifications?

UBC Associate Certificate

CCMP Certification


•Globally recognized professional designation

•Skill building

•Intended to drive consistency among practicing Change Managers

•Targeted at individuals wanting to work/understand Change Management (likely don’t currently)

•Exam based on ACMP Standards

•Based on ACMP Standards plus practical application of tools, techniques, best practices

•Requires annual maintenance – PDUs (and $)

  • Education
  • CM Work Experience
  • CM Volunteer Work

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