Web Analytics for Site Optimization

Learn to define, track, evaluate and optimize websites and other digital offerings to improve visitor conversion goals. Examine information architecture and navigation, content structure, internal page and link strategy, and the optimization of internal website search engines. This course includes a PDF version of The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators by Eric T. Peterson.

Note: We recommend taking Introduction to Web Analytics (IV201) prior to this course.

Course topics include:

  • understanding the behavioral data often examined in the analytical tool reports
  • an introduction to personas
  • the concepts of Character Diamonds and Masks, and how these concepts are used to improve on basic persona design
  • the fundamentals of visitor activity analysis including visitor, departure and path analysis
  • strategies to improving shopping cart abandonment rates
  • understanding how web visitors (including search engine crawlers) interact with a website to accomplish their goals including onsite search, search analytics metrics and creating onsite search forms
  • identifying components of a website which can be measured and improved
  • understanding the behavior of visitors from search
  • understanding how to use web analytics for optimizing search engine rankings and conversion
  • exploring design for evaluation, compensating for limitations in tracking methods and analytic tools
  • understanding technical issues that may affect analysis
  • the concept and metrics of recency and apply these concepts to the Visitor Value Model

Digital Analytics Association Members qualify for a special member rate of $640 CAD. Enter the associated coupon code from the membership section of the Digital Analytics Association website to receive this discount.

This course can be applied to the UBC/DAA Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics and the Certificate in Web Intelligence.

Course Format

The format of this course is 100% online. Prior to 4pm PST on the start date of the course, an email will be sent to all registered students containing instructions on how to access the online Learning Management System.

Available Sessions

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Sep 25-Oct 23, 2018 | Online | $740.00

Format: Online
Code: IV203F18A
Sep 25-Oct 23, 2018

1nstructor: James Ollunga

Fees / Tuition

Type Fee Tax Total
$740.00 $0.00 $740.00

Nov 13-Dec 11, 2018 | Online | $740.00

Format: Online
Code: IV203F18B
Nov 13-Dec 11, 2018

1nstructor: James Parker

Fees / Tuition

Type Fee Tax Total
$740.00 $0.00 $740.00

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