Change Management Fundamentals

Aligned with the ACMP’s Standard for Change Management®, this course examines the tools and techniques used to develop and manage the change process and looks at the impact change management has on an organization, from human resources and operations, to IT and finance. Gain a greater understanding of a change management practitioner’s roles and responsibilities and how they work with internal and external stakeholders.

This foundation course prepares participants for the next three courses of the UBC Associate Certificate in Change Management by introducing key terminology and concepts addressed in the later more detailed courses of this program.

Curriculum topics include:

  • The evolution and value of change management initiatives
  • Role of the change management practitioner
  • Supporting successful change
  • Stages of change and the change management processes
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Assessing change readiness and communicating risks
  • Understanding and managing resistance
  • Activities of the change management strategy and plan
  • Developing a change culture
  • Challenges of successfully implementing a change management initiative

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  •         Describe and communicate the value of change management initiatives
  •          Consider how a comprehensive change management plan can support successful change
  •          Differentiate between various strategies to facilitate organizational or employee change
  •         Identify the roles and responsibilities of internal and external stakeholders involved in the change process
  •          Describe various tools and techniques used in organizational assessment for change
  •          Discuss how to identify effective leader/sponsors and influence them to achieve intended outcomes
  •          Describe methods for addressing resistance and encouraging adoption
  •          Reflect on the challenges of successfully implementing a change management initiative
  •          Identify the types of infrastructure an organization can put in place in support of change management
  •          Identify methods for organizations to continually improve their ability to implement change

Earn 38 PDUs.

This course can be applied to the UBC Associate Certificate in Change Management, UBC Certificate in Project Management (Part-Time), and UBC Certificate in Business Analysis.

This course is ACMP QEP™ (Qualified Educational Provider) certified and qualified for 38 PDUs.

Available Sessions

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Sep 6-Oct 2, 2019 | | | UBC Robson Square Online | $995.00

Format: In-Class/Online (Blended)
Code: IB810F19A
Sep 6-Oct 2, 2019
Course starts online Sep 6, and in class sessions are Sep 14 & 28 (9am-5pm), online component ends Oct 2. Please note face to face sessions are mandatory.

Instructor: Heather Lehmann

Fees / Tuition

Type Fee Tax Total
$995.00 $0.00 $995.00

Sep 10-Oct 21, 2019 | Online | $995.00

Format: Online
Code: IB810F19O
Sep 10-Oct 21, 2019
100% Online
Instructor: Azeema Jamal

Fees / Tuition

Type Fee Tax Total
$995.00 $0.00 $995.00

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