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Agile Delivery Methods

Agile Leadership

Embarking on an agile transformation or looking to learn about the different agile methodologies used today?

Date Format Fee
Oct 16, 2022 Blended $995
Jan 09, 2023 Live Online $995

Agile Product Ownership

Agile Leadership

As a Product Manager, Project Manager, or Business Analyst, do you know how to work with an Agile software development team to deliver what your customers want, when they want it?

Date Format Fee
Sep 30, 2022 Live Online $995
Feb 06, 2023 Live Online $995

Agile Project Management

Agile Leadership; Project Management

Effective Project Managers need the tools to lead agile projects in the face of emergent, volatile, or shifting requirements.

Date Format Fee
Oct 26, 2022 Online $1,250
Jan 11, 2023 Online $1,250
Feb 22, 2023 Online $1,250
May 31, 2023 Online $1,250

Applied Project Management

Project Management

Take on the challenge of a project that needs professional help! Built around a case study, this course places you in the role of a newly hired Project Manager who has been brought in to rescue a project that is already in trouble.

Date Format Fee
Oct 19, 2022 Online $1,995
Jan 11, 2023 Online $1,995
Apr 12, 2023 Online $1,995
May 31, 2023 Online $1,995

Career Planning

Business Analysis; Change Management; Project Management

Sharpen your career planning and preparation skills to secure or enhance your future employment.

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Oct 28, 2022 Live Online $259

Is your organization equipped to manage change? Our course is designed to help you manage change effectively with a practical approach to assessing the current state, readiness, and impact of change on your organization and stakeholders.

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Oct 18, 2022 Live Online $995
Feb 17, 2023 Live Online $995
Apr 28, 2023 Live Online $995

Customer Analytics

Data & Marketing Analytics

Understanding customer buying habits and lifestyle preferences help organizations make effective and profitable decisions.

Date Format Fee
Oct 04, 2022 Live Online $995
Mar 13, 2023 Live Online $995

Master the skills to succeed on the LSAT and take the test with confidence knowing that you have been taught by expert instructors.

Date Format Fee
Oct 29, 2022 Blended $1,100
Dec 03, 2022 Live Online $1,100
Feb 04, 2023 Blended $1,100
Mar 18, 2023 Blended $1,100

Managing Agile Delivery

Agile Leadership

While agility provides a transparent and powerful way of delivering technical and non-technical products and services, governing agile teams is challenging.

Date Format Fee
Oct 24, 2022 Live Online $1,250
Mar 20, 2023 Live Online $1,250

Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management

Organizations large and small and in every industry recognize that well planned, well-managed projects solve problems and delivers value.

Date Format Fee
Oct 26, 2022 Online $1,250
Jan 04, 2023 Online $1,250
Feb 15, 2023 Online $1,250
Apr 05, 2023 Online $1,250
May 10, 2023 Online $1,250
Jun 21, 2023 Online $1,250