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Agile Product Ownership

Agile Leadership

As a Product Manager, Project Manager, or Business Analyst, do you know how to work with an Agile software development team to deliver what your customers want, when they want it?

Date Format Fee
May 29, 2023 Live Online $995
Sep 29, 2023 Live Online $995

Business Intelligence with Power BI

Data & Marketing Analytics; Project Management

Date Format Fee
Jun 07, 2023 Live Online $995

Certified ScrumMaster

Agile Leadership; CSM

Taught by the only Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) in Canada, our 2-day Live Online course offers an intensive, highly interactive introduction to the principles and practices of Agile and the Scrum framework.

Date Format Fee
Jun 14, 2023 Live Online $1,495
Jul 19, 2023 Live Online $1,495
Sep 13, 2023 Live Online $1,495

Change Management Fundamentals

Business Analysis; Change Management

An organization’s success depends on its ability to foresee the need to change course or respond quickly to unexpected situations.

Date Format Fee
Jun 02, 2023 Live Online $995
Sep 18, 2023 Live Online $1,095

Successful change management initiatives are driven by a well thought out strategy that is effectively implemented.

Date Format Fee
May 29, 2023 Live Online $995
Nov 20, 2023 Live Online $1,095

Led by top-calibre instructors, our 5-week, 30-hour GMAT course thoroughly covers all sections of the GMAT test, teaching the most effective approaches and strategies to master the question types, and prepare you for the computer-adaptive test (CAT) to elevate your performance. Course fee includes a custom workbook, access to 1000+ real sample test questions, 6 full-length tests with detailed answers, 2 GMAT Official Guide textbooks and exclusive online resources.

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Jun 27, 2023 Live Online $1,125

Mastering the GRE is critical to your admission to graduate school. Success in writing the GRE is not about how long you study it’s about studying what counts.

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Jun 05, 2023 Live Online $1,000

Managing Agile Delivery

Agile Leadership

While agility provides a transparent and powerful way of delivering technical and non-technical products and services, governing agile teams is challenging.

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Jun 12, 2023 Live Online $1,250
Oct 23, 2023 Live Online $1,250