Test and Exam Preparation Courses

UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies is pleased to offer a number of top industry professional certification exam preparation courses that can help you achieve or maintain a designation in your field of expertise.  And University Test Prep courses that will help you improve your score:

Professional Exam Prep

Taught by leading industry professionals, these exam preparation courses provide the skills, tools, and guidance required to improve your ability to successfully challenge and pass rigorous professional examinations.

University Test Prep

Taught by experienced instructors using proven curriculum and resources.  Comprehensive prep courss including quizzes, advanced questions, study tools and more to support your prepartion for the GMAT,GRE, LSAT and MCAT.

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Courses and Programs


CFA Exam Prep Program – Prep Course & Boot Camp

The UBC Sauder Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA ® ) Exam Prep Program is designed for CFA candidates looking for support and knowledge in preparing for the CFA Levels 1, 2 and 3 exams. Delivered by a team of supportive and expert instructors, the UBC CFA Exam Prep Course and Boot Camp deliver necessary study tools and... LEARN MORE

Certified ScrumMaster

This course is built around a Scrum Lego ® City simulation that provides vivid and memorable experiences that tightly mirror those new teams experience when adopting Scrum in real life. It offers an intensive, highly interactive introduction to the principles and practices of Agile and the Scrum framework. This two-... LEARN MORE

GMAT® Test Preparation

The GMAT ® , or Graduate Management Admission Test, is required for admission to many masters-level programs around the world. And thorough preparation is recommended for optimal results. Our GMAT test preparation program will help prepare your writing and reading as well as analytical writing, integrated reasoning,... LEARN MORE

GRE® Test Preparation

The GRE ® , or Graduate Record Examination, is a general admission exam required for many English-speaking masters-level programs. It evaluates overall verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills. Getting a good score on the GRE will improve your chances of gaining... LEARN MORE

LSAT® Test Preparation

The LSAT ® , or Law School Admission Test, evaluates reading comprehension, logical and analytical reasoning skills in prospective law school candidates in Canada, the U.S. and many other countries. You can improve your chances of getting admitted into the law school of your choice with our LSAT test preparation... LEARN MORE

MCAT® Test Preparation

Prepare to excel on your Medical College Admission Test (MCAT ® ) exam with our suite of four test preparation courses – and the only UBC MCAT test prep courses offered in Vancouver. Each course covers a different section of the exam, so you can choose the areas you need to focus on. The in-class experience and our... LEARN MORE

PMP® Examination Prep

Project Management Professional (PMP) ® certification attests to your mastery of and commitment to project management best practices. This 35-hour course is designed to help you pass the PMP exam by coaching you on what to expect, teaching you the format and structure of the exam, and providing tips and study methods... LEARN MORE