Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQ

Can I register in more than one certificate at a time?
Yes, you can enrol in more than one certificate at a time. 

Do certificate courses qualify for academic credit?
No, all UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies courses are non-credit and cannot be applied towards UBC degree-credit programs.

How are students assessed?
All courses are graded. To earn the credential, you must successfully complete the requirements for each course including team and individual assignments and achieve a pass or a grade of at least 60%.

Are there any time limits for completing a certificate program?
Yes, to graduate you must successfully complete your certificate within 2 years from the start date of your first course.  

Do I need to apply to graduate?
Yes, you are required to submit a Request to Graduate to initiate the process.

When will I receive my credential?
Once you have submitted your graduation request, your credential and an official transcript, will be mailed to you. This process can take up to three months.  

Online Learning FAQ

How do I get started in my course?
If you are enrolled in any type of online course, you will receive an email before or on the day your course starts with instructions on how to login to the course. The first time you log in you will be asked to create a new password, using the password reset feature.  UBC will never ask you for this password.

What technology is required?
You are required to have a PC or Mac computer or tablet installed with a reliable internet connection and an up-to-date browser.  
For Live Online courses, it is beneficial to have a microphone and webcam but you can participate using the chat feature if that’s all you have. You need to ensure your microphone and camera permissions are set to allow access to the online learning management platforms.

How will I communicate with my online educators?
Depending on the course, you may communicate by email, online discussion, or chat sessions, as well as occasional phone calls.

Are there opportunities to collaborate with other students in the online program?
Yes, the courses provide opportunities for group discussion and team projects.

What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Zoom?
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Zoom are real-time video conferencing and collaboration tools used to support Live Online programs. These tools allow you to share applications, use a virtual whiteboard, add files and have breakout group discussions and exchanges.

What is Moodle?
Moodle is the learning management platform used to support the Online programs. It provides information on orientation, schedules, grades, and instructor contact details, as well as the course curriculum and learning resources.

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