Academic Information

Academic Integrity

UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies is committed to academic integrity and takes academic misconduct seriously. Penalties for cheating, plagiarizing or other academic misconduct may include dismissal from the program or course with a failing grade and no refund of tuition.

Academic Appeals

Students are to first address concerns with the CBS instructor or online tutor.  Appeals not resolved at this level are to be referred to the CBS program leader for review.  Should the appeal remain unresolved, the CBS program leader may submit the issue to the UBC Sauder CBS Appeals Committee for review.  The student is responsible for submitting any relevant supporting documents electronically to for review of their case.  The CBS Appeals Committee will meet to consider the matter and a written decision will be issued within 60 days.


To be granted your UBC credential you must successfully complete required coursework and demonstrate competency in the program area by earning a minimum passing grade of 60% in each course or “Pass” on courses that are graded as “Pass/Fail”.   Upon satisfactory completion of the program requirements please complete and submit the Graduation Request to receive your official UBC credential and final transcript. 

Professional Conduct

UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies fosters positive learning environments that respect the diversity of individuals and apply standards in keeping with appropriate conduct in professional workplaces.  You are expected to adhere to professional standards of behaviour. In particular, the ability to work respectfully in a team environment and with other students, instructors and staff is essential. UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies reserves the right to require a student to withdraw from a program at any time for unsatisfactory professional conduct. In such cases there will be no refund of tuition.

Program Extension

Certificate programs must be successfully completed within 2 years from the time you commenced the program. Should you require additional time to meet your program requirements, please send an email outlining your program start date, expected program completion date, and your reason for an extension.

Transcript Grading System

Assessment is based on participation, tests, assignments, and projects using the following University’s standards


Letter Grade



85-89 A
80-84 A-
76-79 B+
72-75 B
68-71 B-


60-63 C
55-59 C-
50-54 D
0-49 F

Ordering Transcripts

Official Transcripts are available within 2-3 business day at a cost of $20 per transcript. 

All transcript orders are non-refundable, and cancellations are not permitted.  The student or alumnus must order the transcripts themselves using this form and if requested, UBC will send copies directly to other institutions on your behalf. 

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