Digital Analytics

"I've learned how to cut through the noise in the data, and read the story in the trends and numbers. I've learned how to make better business decisions."
Zhenya Beck
Co-founder and Director, Customer Experience, Freightera


UBC Certificate Program

Analytics, metrics, statistics, measurements--no matter what you call them, the ability to track data is one of the major business advantages of working in a digital environment. But it's the analysis and understanding of those numbers that really drives business success.

The UBC/DAA Certificate in Digital Analytics provides solid grounding in how to create and manage a digital analytics program to drive measureable business improvement.

  • Delivered part time, 100% online
  • Take courses at your own pace over a two-year period, or complete all four courses within five months with the Intensive Program
  • 4 required courses
  • Cost ranges from C$2,500 to C$2,960
  • Discounted fees for DAA members
  • After this program you will be able to apply your knowledge and skills to creating a blueprint for navigating digital analytics business opportunities and challenges you may encounter

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