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Are you facing challenges with delays in getting work done, disruptions caused by unplanned activities and lack of communication between team members?   Kanban is your answer.  This interactive workshop provides an introduction to the key concepts behind Kanban, one of the most popular agile frameworks. Starting with an overview of Lean and flow-based methods, the course describes the six key principles of Kanban, from visualizing your workflow to collaboratively improving through experimentation. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own Kanban boards, and learn how to apply each of the six principles to continually improve the delivery process.

Visualizing your process with a Kanban board is just the first step. Participants will learn how to constrain work-in-progress to expose bottlenecks in their systems. Using the Theory of Constraints and tools like Cumulative Flow Diagrams, participants will be able to identify where the bottlenecks are and learn how to alleviate those bottlenecks.

Kanban method, is a method that helps you manage the work you do now, so that you can improve the way you deliver and evolve your organization to better suit your customer needs.

Kanban can be used to address common issues faced by many organizations including

  • delays in completion of work
  • disruptions caused by unplanned activities
  • slowness to react
  • overburden
  • absence of transparency 
  • lack of communication

Kanban is a universal process visualization and improvement framework, used everywhere from systems administration to project delivery to portfolio management. The course is designed for teams interested continually improving how they get work done will benefit from the ease and simplicity of Kanban.

Originating in the manufacturing industry with Toyota, today Kanban is applicable and applied to knowledge workers  across many different industries including schools, healthcare, banks, marketing and finance teams to product development teams.

Curriculum topics include:
- Introduction to one-piece flow and its impact on predictable software delivery.
- The 6 core practices of Kanban and how to apply them.
- Creating a Kanban board and limiting WIP (work-in-progress).
- The power of transparency and tracking to highlight constraints to flow.
- Applying the Theory of Constraints to identify and alleviate process bottlenecks.
- Measuring the health of your process using Cumulative Flow Diagrams.
- Use Kanban to visualize and manage project or program portfolios.

Learning Objectives
- Describe the 6 practices of Kanban and how they work together.
- Be able to create a Kanban board to visualize workflow.
- Identify the difference between lead time and cycle time, and the lure of one-piece flow.
- Describe how to alleviate a bottleneck in your process.
- Learn how to use Kanban boards in portfolio or program management.

This course can be applied to the UBC Associate Certificate in Agile Leadership.

Course Format

During COVID-19 the format of this course will be delivered live online for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms.  Handouts and course outline will be available through our LMS - Moodle.  You will receive login details to moodle one day before the course start date.  There will be 14 hours of live online class sessions. You should expect to spend 6-10 hours of study time to complete the quiz and assignment.

Available Sessions

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Apr 10-May 1, 2021 | Live Online | $995.00

Code: II867W21A
Offered: On Sat
Apr 10-May 1, 2021
In class sessions are April 10 & 17, quiz and assignment due May 1.
2 sessions
From: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Instructor: Sunny Dhillon

Fees / Tuition

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$995.00 $0.00 $995.00

May 24-Jun 13, 2021 | Live Online | $995.00

Code: II867S21A
Offered: On Sat
May 24-Jun 13, 2021
Online begins May 24, Live online class sessions are May 29 & June 5, 9am-5pm, quiz and assignment due June 13.
2 sessions
From: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Fees / Tuition

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$995.00 $0.00 $995.00

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