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Dev Ops: Intro to Continuous Delivery

Customers were never as demanding of their software products as they are today. New service level standards have been set by Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Uber and many others where their software is updated hundreds of times a month in order to timely address any issues users have, introduce new features and deliver innovation. “Always-on”/24x7 service availability has become a norm and maintenance outages longer than a minute are something users don’t tolerate. 

In order to stay competitive organizations are facing a need to re-structure the way their software products are developed and delivered to customers. The cornerstone of such transformation isContinuous Delivery– an ability to release early and often with confidence that update is stable, and with the ability to roll back quickly. Implementing such transformation requires support on multiple levels of organization, making this course ideal for organizational leaders, IT and operations managers, software developers and business analysts.

This course can be applied to the UBC Associate Certificate in Agile Leadership

Curriculum Topics Include:

  • Key principles of Continuous Delivery
  • Typical software development lifecycle review and how Continuous Delivery fits into the current environment
  • Rapid software development method, introduction of Continuous Integration and DevOps
  • Best Practices and lessons learned from leading organizations
  • Continuous Delivery Toolbox Overview
  • Implementation patterns
  • Strategies to overcome adoption challenges
  • Calculating savings, ROI, metrics
  • Bringing Continuous Delivery into your work environment 

Learning Objectives:  

  • Define Continuous Delivery
  • Describe its role in a typical software development life cycle
  • List key components
  • Analyze advantages and disadvantages
  • Understand correlation between Agile, Kanban and DevOps
  • Explain business rationale
  • Demonstrate different ways of implementation
  • Analyze popular tools and evaluate for individual software needs

Course Format

During COVID-19 the format of this course will be delivered in virtual format for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms.  Handouts and course outline will be available through our LMS - Moodle.  You will receive login details to moodle one day before the course start date.

Available Sessions

Course currently not available for registration.

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