Janina Mooney, UBC Certificate in Agile Leadership and Project Management

Project Manager

Henriques Partnerships Architects

"UBC Continuing Business Studies courses have given me so much more confidence! The terminology, hands on experience and the different instructors who shared their expertise and "tricks in the trade" helped so much. As a result, I stopped looking at things closed mindedly with an open-minded and outside-the-box perspective. You can be a project manager anywhere, but using the right tools and knowledge helps. And this is what this course did."

Rob Adams, UBC Certificate in Business Analysis

Senior Business Advisor

WorkSafe BC

"Since completing the course, I’ve established myself as a capable Business Analyst. This has given me freedom to try ‘outside the box’ solutions on my projects. As the old saying goes, you need to learn the rules well, so you can break them efficiently.”

Rushan Shekar, UBC Certificate in Project Management

League Operations Manager – FIFA, Competitive Gaming

Electronic Arts (EA)

“After years of picking up skills while working in a startup environment, I decided to pursue formal education offered through UBC Continuing Business Studies to help fill in the gaps and strengthen my practical competencies in project management.”

Zachary Musa, UBC Certificate in Project Management

Project Manager

STEMCELL Technologies

“The most helpful aspect of the program is that each module is taught by a different project management professional with a proven track record of completing big projects on time. Their experience reinforced the course material, as each instructor could provide real-life case studies. I also appreciated the key business management ideas that were integrated into the curriculum. In essence, the course was like a mini-MBA!”

Terry Kaplan, UBC Certificate in Project Management

Senior Buisiness Analyst


"For me, the most interesting aspect of my journey in obtaining my PMP and how it assisted my career path has to do with the work I am doing now with Telus. My engineering background isn't related with what I currently do at Telus, so I really believe having my PMP was essential in obtaining my new job and career path."

Sarah Ford, CFA Level 2 Candidate

Vice President, Internal Controls

Sandstorm Gold Ltd.

“I would recommend the UBC CFA Test Prep Course and the Boot Camp. The Prep Course kept me on track for learning large volumes of information found on the exam, and gave me a better understanding of the material. The Boot Camp was a great 3-day intensive review that left me feeling more confident in the final lead-up to the exam.”

Gurdeep Janjua, CFA Level 2 Candidate

Equity Research Analyst, Mining & Energy

Canalyst Financial Modelling Corporation

“For me, both the UBC CFA Test Prep Course and Boot Camp were an essential component of passing the CFA Level 1 exam. It saved me so much time by providing simple problem solving techniques to some of the harder and/or longer questions. Time allocation is important when challenging the CFA, so getting guidance on how to create an effective study schedule based on topic difficulty was a big help.”

Andrea Jerome, UBC Certificate in Business Analysis

Front Counter Supervisor, Faculty of Arts

Arts Academic Advising Services, University of British Columbia

"The UBC Sauder Business Analysis Certificate Program is a great fit for those committed to ongoing professional development but seek to do so while balancing their other life commitments."
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